What's in my backpack...

Thinking to do more photography related posts in the incoming season, so... here is a "what's in my backpack" pic, pretty much... can't wait to test these new setup properly!

I'll probably complete the family with a zoom but, so far, I'm really impressed by the quality you can achieve with these guys, especially because they're really compact and lightweight!

The 28mm is extremely cheap and is a great lens to start with; the Sonnar 55mm might be overpriced for many people but is a masterpiece, for pros and events, really hard to detach from your camera; the 85mm is the new entry, just a bit heavier but really really compact, with top notch quality and adequate price (I'm one of those people who were hoping for a new 135, but i got rid of every heavy piece of equipment, can't say actually if it would be a good lens to carry around).

I won't speak so much about the A7III body, it's basically one of the most exciting camera ever, a real bargain for pros.


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