Seminar in Duisburg with Sifu Randy Williams @ CRCA-Lopez

Great time in Germany!

I had again the chance to be a Mario Lopez school's guest for an entire week-end, full of Wing Chun and fun, shared with friends from every part of te world!

Sifu Randy Williams was amazing (as usual) and he gave us two entire days with a very rich seminar, his precious advices and, obviously, some glass of wine to celebrate the achievements.

Here some pic with Randy "The Seef" Williams explaining Chum Kiu applications and principles: one using proper footwork and shooting Biu Joang Sau to stop my high round kick, then he showed how to break the opponent's leg down to the floor, using a Woo Sau wrap trap, a lever and a twisting hammerfist...

...and here talking about the Lon Sau and its capabilities.

Seminars are always a great chance to increase practice, didactic and friendship. Thanks again to Mario Lopez and Randy Williams for the experience.

"Martial heart": testing the skills mirroring some techniques in order to achieve a perfectly heart-shaped figure on the iron dummy's centerline, an ancient tradition in Wing Chun that proves the student's passion.


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